10 Ways To Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

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Website traffic is a dynamic asset that fluctuates continuously based on several internal and external factors. It may be possible that something from your end is flawed, and hence the traffic is falling. And it might be a concern if it keeps happening often. If you have taken the service of any website developer company in India, then all you need to do is to contact their customer service team and let them know the problems. Their professional website developers and digital marketing professionals can assist you in getting back your normal traffic and even increase them.


Alternatively, if you wish to take the matter in your hands, then the first viable option seems to undo the last modifications of your website. It may bring back your normal website traffic. Sometimes all these tips might not work, and you will need to check for other options. This blog discusses eight such factors that may be responsible for your website traffic’s downfall. Keep reading the blog till the end, and you may not need to shell out money to bring back your website on track again.

1. Google Penalties:

Google wants to play fair and provide an equal chance to each content creator establishing their contents online. And hence they have provisions of a penalty when you do something illegal to rank your contents. Black hat SEO techniques are punishable by Google, and it stops them from indexing.


Black Hat SEO Strategy

White Hat SEO Strategy

Plagiarised Content

Quality relevant content

Stuffed and irrelevant keywords

Labelled images with an ALT tag


Relevant internal and external linking

Backlinks from non-relevant sites

Good grammatical sentence


Compliant HTML CSS structure


Relevant page titles, headings with proper page hierarchy

Black Hat strategies are considered an illegal way to ranking your website. Hence, your Google Search Console might block your website for implementing similar strategies. You need to check your websites for a similar thing. Alternatively, employ any best digital marketing agency in India to check out for the necessary modifications.

2. Analyze Your Traffic Channels:

Google search console helps you establish the type of traffic that your website gets. It may be paid or organic. If the majority of your traffic was paid traffic in the form of advertisements, you might need to check whether the advertisements are still running or it has stopped.


Another form is branded vs. unbranded traffic that constitutes the organic traffic. Branded traffic is where the users search your brand name as query and directly head over to your website from the search results. Unbranded traffic is done by using links and advertisements which can directly point out to your website. The drops in these may be due to PR reasons or not putting effective marketing campaigns.


3. Rejuvenate Backlinks:

Backlinks are an important part of off-page SEO, which points to your website through a third-party website. Backlinks can become a real pain in the neck as they are not easy to get yet are a crucial factor in getting the top spot in Google searches.


Hence, there may be times when your existing backlink gets broken or removed by the third party website, resulting in lower web traffic to your site. It’s comparatively easy to renew these broken links than getting new ones. Mail or contact the third party admin and let them know of the problem. Send them the updated link to integrate that into their content. Another cause may be that your content may have become out-dated and needs an update. Modify your existing content with relevant new updates and again contact the backlink provider.


Backlinks are essential for indexing your site on the first page, and Google uses this metric quite popularly. Try getting new backlinks from authentic and strong websites where traffic is high. Also, make sure that the backlink websites are relevant to your content; otherwise, Google might punish you, thinking that you have paid the owner for getting traffic. This counts under the Black hat SEO strategy, which is sufficient for your Google Search Console to lower your traffic.


4. Try Pausing Your Advertisements:

Although ads are put with the intention to increase your overall traffic, it is sometimes seen that it cuts your organic traffic part. Most of the time, this should not lower your traffic significantly as the ads are still online to increase your overall traffic. However, if the problem is with this, you need to pause your advertisements for some time to check whether the traffic returns to normal or not.


5. Competitors May Be Cutting Your Neck:

One of the chief reasons for a fall in traffic is that your content no longer remainsrelevant for the present scenario. Your competitors are putting in quality content, which is making them go on top. It may also be possible that they are targeting high impression keywords and performing better than yours in terms of SEO.


It’s time you get hold of good content creators and start pushing great quality articles which the readers find worth reading. They should get value from your content, and that should be the end motto of your content. Getthe best SEO Company in India and start analyzing your keyword strategy andthe whole SEO part. Soon you will be at the peak where you belonged.


6. Ranking Boost Videos:

Try putting in more video contents which easily appeals general mass and gain new viewers. Try to boost your rankings with relevant and innovative video content with effective CTAs.


7. SERP Issues & Analyzing Website:

Google focuses on user convenience and uses the answer box to provide relevant information for any question on the search page only. With this, the user doesn’t need to enter your website to find the answer as it is already available on the search page. Try putting large content as answers which could not be covered in the small answer box, and hence the user will need to click on the answer website.

Keep analyzing your website regularly, from the homepage to about us page, to stay updated about the necessary changes. Target groups want relevant information at the beginning of your website.


8. Improve User Experience (UX):

No one wants to work hard to grasp your website and the contents. It should be seamless with liquidity, and the user should feel comfortable navigating your websites. Get the best digital marketing agency in India to shape your website with aesthetic and pleasing web design and layouts.


Choose a reliable hosting server as the loading time also affects the traffic. If your page is quite slow to load, the user might get away with alternative options. A little investment is required from your end to meet these UX issues, and these are worth it.


Websites are delicate online tools which should be handled with care and, if possible, by professional website developers. It is of no point that you make the initial investment of buying and setting the website, and it doesn’t generate traffic. Go strategically and touch all these factors to check out for the lowering of your website traffic.